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Our aim is to deliver high quality, creative compliance solutions; making compliance a positive experience.

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Specialising in all areas related to Pharma Code of Practice-advice, audit, training, SOPs or Signatories. NOW with experience in Code of Practice South Africa & the rest of Africa. Contact us to help maintain your compliance across various regions. At CK Management, we can resource Final Signatory and Compliance specialists for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The team of qualified consultants include experienced final signatories with top 10 Pharma company experience, who can provide support for the Pharmaceutical Industry in accordance with the ABPI, EFPIA, and IPHA codes including Final Medical, Final Non-Medical and Final Examiner Reviewer. CK Management also provides training and mentoring services; including; Face-to-face training remotely and via online platforms, Personal mentoring for new starters, Onboarding Assessments and validation tests to assess compliance and signatory knowledge, Refresher ABPI Code workshops and updates New Reviewers & Originators training.

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A specialist company for pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations...

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At CKM Pharma, we can resource Final Signatory & Compliance specialists for the Pharmaceutical Industry. CKM Pharma is a privately owned, specialist agency established in 2010. We are proud that our client list includes the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies, in addition to an ever-increasing number of creative agencies and healthcare companies. NOW with experience in Code of Practice South Africa & the rest of Africa.


We provide training and mentoring services; including; Face-to-face training and via online platforms. Personal mentoring for new starters and on boarding Assessments and validation tests to asses compliance and signatory knowledge. We also conduct refresher ABPI Code workshops and update New Reviewers & Originators training plus Learning at Lunch initiatives to promote compliance within organisations.

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Providing the right information to the healthcare sectors including pharmacists, doctor and nurses. Once Certified, your materials will be sent back to you in Eco fabric which can be re-used.

Audit, SOPs & Signatories

We have extensive experience in creating and rolling out SOPs that work in the real world


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SHALIN PATELPre-registration pharmacist

"Thank you for organising the training session and providing extra information. It is much appreciated. I enjoyed meeting everyone and learnt a lot. It has helped me to understand a lot more about all the roles and what I could do in the future."

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"Cecilia is a very kind and helpful medical affairs professional, who shared her vast knowledge around pharmacist accessible careers in industry. Moreover, her strong industry background helped to shape the way I looked at different opportunities. She provided valuable advice around the journey into industry and how to gain the best experience, always suggesting skills and knowledge that should be sought after."

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"Having a highly experienced medical affairs professional, with a vast network base to offer me career advice, gave me the edge when getting into the pharmaceutical industry. I told Cecilia what my interests were and she gave me advice on the best career line for me, as well as the best way to maximise my chances of getting into that field. I am now working in medical affairs, couldn't be happier and am thankful to Cecilia."

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